Finding solutions to your component needs is our business.

Our Story

Fastening Solutions Ltd (FSL or FastSol) is a privately owned company that was formed in 1999 by James Green and Cliff Hall in Auckland, New Zealand. Current shareholders also include Craig Tapling and Max Chambers. The South Island Branch was established in 2005 and the Suzhuo Branch was established in 2012. Fastening Solutions serves many well known manufacturers in New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, North America, South Africa, Europe and Asia. We are a passionate company that is focused on customer service and technical expertise.

What can we do for you?

Fastening Solutions is a manufacturer of cold forged products and distributor of a wide range of fasteners, access hardware and other components. We understand that you, as a manufacturer, would like nothing more than to concentrate on your core business. That’s why we:

    • Source your fasteners through our audited supplier network at a great price.
    • Inspect the quality of all components before they arrive at your door.
    • Assist with fastener applications in your design process.
    • Pre-assemble components when needed.
    • Hold inventory to prevent stockouts and save you money.
    • Handle ordering, supplier relations, customs clearances, and more.


We are a team of dedicated professionals ready to do what ever it takes to help you succeed.

Auckland Branch

Cliff Hall


Craig Tapling

Business Development Manager

Grant Schofield

Production Manager

James Green

Managing Director

Roberto Imperial

Industrial Sales Engineer

Christchurch Branch

Jason Bell

South Island Branch Manager

Michael Russell

Assistant Branch Manager

Marianne Perry

Customer Service Representative